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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Before I got to bed, I've got to mention this. I was doing some random surfing, and stumbled upon 80s Archives.com, which is growing to be the largest archive on the Internet of toys from the 1980s. Here's their entry for my old favourite, the Knights of the Magical Light, Visionaries:

"These 1988 Hasbro action figures featured holographic sticker staffs and chest plates, creating the illusion of "Magic Holographic Powers". 8 figures were produced, 4 Spectral Knights and 4 Darkling Lords, each standing 4 ½" tall with multiple points of articulation. 4 vehicles were also produced. Unfortunately the line lasted only a year due to a rather silly reason. Hasbro used a wrong kind of material for the holographics stickers, which cost too much to produce. This is sad, as a 2nd series was in the planning stages, including 8 new characters and several vehicles. Also a huge playset called the Iron Mountain Holodrome was planned. This was supposed to feature a three-dimensional projection of the wizard Merklynn, but Hasbro couldn't quite get the technique to work."

8 new characters? Iron Mountain playset with a fully holographic Merklynn? And all scrapped because someone at Hasbro effed up and used expensive holographic stickers? My God....what my childhood could have been....

Next Issue...The Light Shines Forever

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