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Sunday, April 25, 2004

I've got a final exam tomorrow, but my mind is currently focused on a side project I'm doing in my spare time at school. Just for the hell of it, I started flexing my new music editing muscles and I spliced together Danny Elfman's Spider-Man theme and Michael Kamen's X-Men theme. I got them spliced together pretty good and I e-mailed it off to Mr. Anderson for an opinion. He said, "The editing is perfect, but sadly, you chose two pieces of music that I think are boring. So, while it's perfect technically, it just fails to do it for me."

Anyway, I was listening to John Ottman's X2 score as I studied this evening, and I think I figured out a way to splice together Spidey and X2. I agree with Mr. Anderson that Kamen's X-Men music is a little weak, and I've always felt that Ottman's X2 was a huge improvement. So if I could get Spidey and X2 together.... I'll have to try it after my test tomorrow.

But, here's tonight's column! This week's is a piece of Corporate Art:

"It is the eve of final exams. As such, I find myself re-examining my career choice. This past year in school has been somewhat disillusioning for me. Some things were exactly as I expected and others were not. The past few months have been odd for me. I’ve drifted through the program with a boredom and melancholy similar to what I had during my last weeks in Japan; a kind of blasé that says keeps the superiors happy until I never have to see them again. To be quite honest, I never thought I’d last this long. I thought that, by November, I’d have flunked out and I’d be at a happy job flipping burgers right now. "

Do your bit for the corporation! Read it now!

Next Issue...Get Daredevil In There, Too

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