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Friday, April 30, 2004

First, let's get the fun thing out of the way. Today, my last day of school, was RTA's semesterly Showcase, where we second and third semester students get to show off our best works from the past semester. As per tradition, my classmates submitted our radio play, which we spent most of April working on. And you, too, can listen to it! It's been posted on the NR92 website. So, click here, then click on "Listen to Radio Play! It's just that easy.

And now, my usual insane rants. You know, I thought about this today as I wandered around Kingsway Garden Mall. Everyone always feels sorry for the kids whose birthdays are on Christmas day. The prevailing thought is they always get screwed out of presents. "Oh, this gift is for both Christmas AND your birthday, yeah!" But no one's ever thought about how GREAT it must be to have your birthday on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. You get a whole bunch of presents on one day, and then BAM! You wake up the next morning and get a ton more presents! It rocks, I tell you!

I was thinking about this today because tomorrow - May 1 - is my mother's birthday. Since May 1 is her birthday, that always means Mother's Day is about one or two weeks away. So, I've always got to buy a flood of presents for Mom in May.

And one little bit of movie news. Aaron Sorkin, the genius behind such kick-ass TV shows as The West Wing and Sports Night is getting into movies. Well, more like getting back into movies, because he also wrote A Few Good Men and The American President. Anyway, Sorkin's big screen project is called The Farnsworth Invention, and it's a biography on Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of television. Sorkin is writing and producing, and Thomas Schlamme, his director-of-choice on The West Wing, will be directing.

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