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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Got a little footnote to this week's column.

96X has cancelled their $10,000 bounty on Brad Pitt. They saw the footage on the news of Hurricain Katherine taking out New Orleans, and figured the money would be better spent by donating it to hurricain relief.

This is what happens on a boring evening and you've got nothing but high-speed Internet.

Here are all the mascots for all the CFL teams:

BC Lions - Leo the Lion
Edmonton Eskimos - Nanook the Polar Bear and Punter the Football (I still remember my youth when it was a politically incorrect caricature of an Inuit person)
Calgary Stampeders - Ralph the Dog and Quick Six the Touchdown Horse
Saskatchewan Roughriders - Gainer the Gopher
Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Buzz and Bomber, twin bluebirds
Hamilton Tiger-Cats - Stripes T.C.; a tiger
Toronto Argonauts - Jason, a very cartoony Greek warrior
Ottawa Renegades - Ruffy the Beaver
Montreal Alouttes - Blitz and Touche, twin birds

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