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Saturday, August 27, 2005

So, thanks to that announcement on Gargoyles: Season 2, Volume 1 I'm all obsessed with Gargoyles again. I've been doing a lot of reading up on it over the past few days, and I think I can finally answer a question you've always asked.

What was the deal with the world tour?

This happened in the second half of season 2, in which Goliath, Angela, Bronx, and Elisa were left drifting by Avalon, and had a variety of adventures around the world.

The whole reason with the world tour was that the creators were planning about 6 spin-offs to further the Gargoyles saga. Think of Gargoyles as being a comic book universe...these spin-offs would have been the other titles in that universe. These were the proposed spin-offs:

Timedancer - One day, Brooklyn finds the Phoenix Gate, the magical time-travelling talisman that Goliath disposed of. But, upon touching it, Brooklyn vanishes! Brooklyn then re-appears 5 minutes later - only 20 years older and with four other gargoyles! Brooklyn then begins to tell his tale of "quantum leaping" with the Phoenix Gate, a quest he was on for 20 years. Along the way, he wound up in ancient China where he joined up with the gargoyle dog Fu-Dog, travelled to the future where he assisted in the battle with the Space-Spawn (more on that later), and even wound up in feudal Japan, where he hooked up with a gargoyle babe named Katana and had two kids: Nashville and Tashi. And, thanks to all this time travel wackiness, we'd see that Brooklyn was responsible for pointing Xanatos and Demona in the direction of the slumbering Goliath and his clan. The villains would have been the Archmage and Calaban from Shakespear's The Tempest.

Pendragon - The awakened King Arthur and Griff the gargoyle go questing to find Merlin. Eventually, they would have found Merlin in the Crystal Cave, and met up with a woman named Blanchefleur, who claimed to be the wife of the Fisher King. They would have travelled to Tintagel (Arthur's birthplace), Stonehenge, quested for the Holy Grail, done battle with the Illuminati, and eventually build New Camelot in Antarctica.

Gargoyles 2198 - 200 years in the future. Earth is under attack from an alien race known as the Space-Spawn. The Space-Spawn manage to steal the Master Matrix, the computer that runs most of Earth. Who are those enlisted to battle the Space Spawn? Samson, the great-great-(etc)-grandson of Goliath. Delilah, the genetic merging of Demona and Elisa Maza created by Sevarius. Zafiro, a descendent of the Guatamala clan. Owen Burnett, unable to turn back into Puck because Alexander Xanatos (leader of the UN) was abducted by the Space-Spawn. Nick Maza, the great-great-(etc)-grandson of Elisa Maza. Demona, still immortal. Nokkar, the alien sentinel sent here to guard Earth from the Space-Spawn. And finally, two robotic duplicates of Lexington, the keepers of the Master Matrix. Besides the Space-Spawn, these heroes would have also battled the Illuminati, who became Space-Spawn collaberators, and the Quarrymen, who blamed gargoyles for the invasion. The big finale would have had Demona, Nick Maza, Nokkar, Zafiro, and one of the Lex-bots going to the Space-Spawn homeworld for one all-or-nothing assault.

The New Olympians - Picking up on the plot threads from the same-named episode, this would have followed the New Olympians as they tried to once again co-exist in the world. The New Olympians would have been split into three factions: those who still fear humanity, those who want to co-exist with humanity, and those who want humanity to worship them as gods again.

Dark Ages - The prequel, showing Goliath and his clan in medieval Scotland. This was when Hudson led the clan, and we would have met Hudson's mate and children (who would eventually die). The series would have started with the construction of Castle Wyvern, and ended at Awakenings pt. 1.

Bad Guys - Several Gargoyles villains, brought together by "the Director" to do battle with the Illuminati. The villains-turned-heroes would have been Robyn Canmore (one of the hunters from Hunter's Moon), Dingo (formerly of the Pack), Matrix (the colony of nanites that teamed up with Dingo), Yama (the evil gargoyle from the Japanese clan), and Fang (of the mutates). This is the one that got closest to being made, as a story reel for a pilot episode was produced.

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