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Friday, August 26, 2005

Yay! She's gone!

Today, my family took a day trip down to Red Deer with one main goal: get my sister moved into her new apartment. She's now getting settled in there, and she's gone, gone, gone!

Don't get me wrong. I love my sister. I did kind of enjoy having her home for the summer. But she gets on my nerves so easily. Especially her habit of rubbing my belly. Yes, I get it, I'm fat. But keep your hands off it! I swear, I'm going to punch the next person who touches my belly.

but we did have fun. For example, when she was in Switzerland, she sent me a bunch of postcards. So, for the remainder of the summer, whenever I was in Edmonton, I'd send her a postcard from West Edmonton Mall.

And she's gone now! Yay!

While in Red Deer, I did have a chance to hang out with my cousin. Last time we hung out a couple of weeks ago, he revealed that he was going to Disneyland. I asked him if he was going to Disney Land or Disney World, and he said Dinseyland. At which I said, "Darn!" and explained why.

See, a few years back, Disney signed a deal with Hasbro, and Hasbro opened up a very exclusive toy store in Disney World. This toy store is the only place in the world where you can buy Star Wars action figures of the characters in Star Tours. And, I told my cousin, "If you were going to Disney World, I would have asked you to bring back a couple of these Star Tours action figures for me."

And here we are, a few weeks later, and my cousin got back to me. Turns out that...there is now one of these exclusive toy stores at Disneyland. And they carry the Star Tours action figures.

I asked him to bring back a couple for me. He said he would. If he doesn't remember, no biggie.

Oh, and I must mention. After I got my sister moved into Red Deer, she had to go down to Superstore to pick up a few household items. I wandered away to check out the toy section - as is my way - and, lo and behold....

I finally got my Invisible Woman action figure.

I got the ultra-rare "chain smoking" Invisible Woman variant. OK, that's not a real variant. But there is a paint smudge on her throat, making her look like she's had a tracheotomy.

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