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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

There we go! Found some wall space to mount my Corpse Bride action figures...with my Christmas shopping done, I got everything wrapped and under the tree today.... That's what you call a good day.

Anyway, it is Tuesday, meaning new DVD day! What's new and good and makes a great last minute Christmas present:

Serenity - WOO!! Firefly: the Motion Picture for you to enjoy! My god, why wasn't this a mege-hit? Anyway, for bonus stuff, you've got a running commentary from writer/director Joss Whedon, a few cut scenes, and a trio of featurettes. Available in widescreen, full screen, and UMD.

The Brothers Grimm - The latest from cult director Terry Gilliam, which kind of whimpered into theatres in the end of August. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger are the titular brothers, whose adventures fighting monsters and other mystical apparations eventually become a bunch of fairy tales. You got a Gilliam running commentary, some cut scenes, featurettes, and more.

Chicago: Razzle Dazzle Edition - The mega-hit musical from three years ago, in a brand-new, more-loaded 2-disc special edition.

Four Brothers - The hit action movie from the summer about four adopted brothers who go in search of their adopted mother's killer, only to uncover a good ol' fashioned conspiracy. Running commentary by director John Singleton, cut scenes, featurettes, and more. Available in widescreen, full screen, and UMD.

Santa's Slay - A made-for-cable horror/comedy. The joke: Santa Claus is actually a demon, who lost a bet to an angel and had to deliver toys to every child in the world on Christmas eve for 1000 years. Well, Santa's finally paid back his debt, and he's letting loose with a killing spree! WWE Superstar Goldberg plays Santa. I mention this for the exact same reason it made headlines in Edmonton: it was filmed completely on location in Wetaskawin. You know...where cars cost less. It's got a running commentary, cut scenes, bloopers, and more.

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