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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's a sad, sad day

I've got lots of sad news today. Sorry.

First up, after all this time, the CBC is letting go of Mr. Dressup. Yes, Ernie Coombs retired 11 years ago and passed away shortly after, but the CBC has been showing it in reruns every day for the past 11 years. But now, Mr. Dressup is being bumped from his 5-times-a-day morning timeslot to one lowly slot early on Sunday morning. And then, by September, Mr. Dressup will be phased out completely.

Secondly, Industrial Light and Magic has gotten out of the practical effects business. ILM is, of course, the special effects house that did the effects for the Star Wars movies. Practical effects are special effects that are done with models and miniatures. Well, it's all computer animation at ILM these days, so they've sold off their practical effects department. The practical effects department was sold to Mark Anderson, a former ILM modelmaker. The practical effects department is now a company known as "Kerner Optical," and ILM has already made it clear that Kerner Optical is their #1 sub-contractor should the need for practical effects ever arise.

And finally, I learned today that my boss has been under the mistaken impression that I'm 34. Umm...no I'm not. I'm not old and bitter...I'm young and cynical. There's a huge difference.

For the record, I turn 29 in 23 days.

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