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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Day of Mixed Blessings

I did something today I really shouldn't have done.

After denying it to myself since December, I finally broke down and bought Gargoyles: Season 2, Volume 1. God, I loved that cartoon. Still do.

So, the good news: I own Gargoyles: Season 2, Volume 1

The bad news: probably shouldn't have done it...should probably save my money for better things.

The good news: I own it!

The bad news: While doing some surfing, I discovered that, at the annual Gargoyles convention back in June, co-creator Greg Weisman announced that sales of Season 2, Volume 1 weren't that strong, so Season 2, Volume 2 will probably never see the light of day.

Looks like I ain't throwing out those videos I made just yet....

(About 5 years ago, when the Family Channel was showing Gargoyles in reruns, I taped every episode.)

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