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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Must Be Thursday...Could Never Get the Hang of Thursdays

I'm all paranoid right now that I missed my best friend's birthday. I was just deleting spam, when, I noticed one with the subject line "(my best friend's name)'s birthday."

So I'm trying to get ahold of everyone right now, finding out what's what. I promised her I'd do something for her birthday and if I missed it, and forgot, well, I'd be very mad at myself.

Meanwhile...this movie news is about a week old, but it finally crossed my desk today.

Disney is planning on doing a remake of Adventures in Babysitting. They've already tapped Raven-Symone to star. You may remember her as that unbearably cute little girl on the final seasons of The Cosby Show. She currently stars on the Disney Channel's #1 sitcom, That's So Raven, and Disney's grooming her to be their next tween idol.

I only bring this up because I have fond memories of the original Adventures in Babysitting. It was one of those movies I watched a lot when I was a kid...either rented it or caught it on TV. It was about this teenaged girl, babysitting the neighbourhood brats, when she gets an emeregency call from her friend, and has to make a perilous journey from their sleepy suburb to the downtown core to save her friend. Not knowing what to do with the brats she's babysitting, she brings them along. And the whole thing turns into a pretty good Ferris Bueler's Day Off clone. Our heroine, the titular babysitter, was played by future Oscar winner Elizabeth Shue, and the film was the directorial debut of Harry Potter director Chris Columbus.

"If you wanna get out of here, you've got to sing the blues."

It's pretty good...I suggest you rent it sometime.

And, over in the the "why the @#$% are they making this movie?" department, DreamWorks animation just announced the voice cast of Shrek 3. I'm sorry, it's being called Shrek the Third.

So, here's the plot. Following the events of #2, Shrek, Donkey, and Puss in Boots have to go on a quest to find the new ruler of Far, Far, Away. Turns out the true ruler is Artie, aka King Arthur. Meanwhile, while Shrek is gone, Princess Fiona has to save the kingdom from an attempt by Prince Charming to overthrow the kingdom. Fiona does this by turning some of the more famous fairy tale princesses into a crack commando squad. That's right, it's Prince Charming and an army of fairy tale villains taking on Princess Fiona and an army of fairy tale princesses.

So, for new voices, there's the princesses.

Amy Sedaris (Strangers with Candy) is Cinderella
Amy Poehler (she who does Weekend Update with Tina Fey) is Snow White
Maya Rudolph (also on SNL) is Rapunzel
Cheri Oteri (on SNL a few years back) is Sleeping Beauty

In the bastardizing of Arthurian legends:

Justin Timberlake (Backstreet Boy) is Artie/King Arthur
Eric Idle (Monty Python) is Merlin
John Krasinski (that nerdy guy on The Office) is Lancelot

And, in returning roles

Mike Myers is Shrek
Cameron Diaz is Fiona
Eddie Murphy is Donkey
Antonio Banderas is Puss n Boots
Rupert Everet is Prince Charming
John Cleese is the King (Fiona's father)
Julie Andrews is the Queen (Fiona's mother)

It all comes out May 18, 2007. And I'll be seeing Spider-Man 3 instead.

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