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Friday, May 26, 2006

X3 Today!/Transformers code name?

X-Men: The Last Stand hits theatres today. Ooo...I gotta see it. Sometime this weekend, I'll be making a quick trip down to Edmonton to see it. I've been there opening weekend for every X-Men film...this cannot be different!

The one thing I'm most curious about is Kelsey Grammer as Beast. The first clip I saw of him as Beast was actually in a commercial run during a re-run of Frasier...seeing Henry McCoy moving and speaking of the mannerisms of Dr. Frasier Crane seemed odd....

And every review is raving about a scene at the end of the end credits. Don't tell me what it is...I want it to be a surprise. But every review I've read just seems shocked by it.

So, when you go see X3, stay to the very end!

Filming has just begun on the live-action movie version of The Transformers. What's getting a lot of people wondering is that one of the actors recently said, "Oh no. It's not called The Transformers...it's called Prime Directvie."

So many people are going, "Wha...?"

Many agree that they'd be foolish to not use the name "Transformers" as the title for The Transformers. Many are thinking that it may be a subtitle...The Transformers: Prime Directive. The most popular theory is that it's a code name they'll be using for the filming.

There's lots of historical precident here. Lots of big blockbusters have used code names during filming. Here's some famous code names....

Planet Ice was the code name for Titanic.

Intimidation Game was the code name for Batman Begins.

Hidden City was the code name for Monsters, Inc.

Paradox was the code name for Back to the Future Part II.

Blackwood was the code name for The X-Files Movie.

And perhaps the most famous one...

Blue Harvest was the code name for Return of the Jedi.

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