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Friday, May 05, 2006

Kevin Smith Bits/Trailer Comments

Got a couple of interesting Kevin Smith tidbits I haven't shared yet....

Firstly, there's a new Kevin Smith trade paperback coming out this August. Tales of the Clerks compiles all of Kevin Smith's Clerks comics (and a few that featre Randall and Dante in supporting roles) along with a new Clerks comic book story called Where's the Beef?. Where's the Beef? fills in the gap between Clerks and Clerks II.

and also...this is really silly-cool. OK, one of the weirdest parts of the Clerks X DVD is one of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier's introductions to one of the bonus features. For the first 10 minutes of this introduction, Smith Mosier do nothing but wax poetic about that incredibly cheezy, Patrick Swayze-starring, 1980s B-movie classic Road House. And the way they're acting, it's like they didn't know the camera was rolling...they were just shooting the shit while waiting for someone to yell "action." Finally, they notice that the camera's rolling, the do their intro, and then they go into explaining their Road House rant. Somewhere in the conversation, either Smith or Mosier says, "Ya know, if they ever do a special edition DVD of Road House, they should get us to do a running commentary."

Well, guess what?

Road House: Deluxe Edition comes out on July 11. And, one of the bonus features...running commentary by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.

Finally got a chance to see that new trailer for Superman Returns.

I am now worried for the film.

I just see nothing new, Superman-wise. I see nothing but recycled bits and action beats from the Richard Donner movies.

Now, I know that Bryan Singer allegedly loves the Richard Donner films. It's nice that he wants to show his love and respect for the Richard Donner films. But, watching the trailer, it looks like Singer goes from "homage" into "ripoff."

I mean, Batman Begins gave us something new. Batman begins showed us Batman's "lost years"...Bruce Wayne's training to become Batman.

But I'm not getting a sense of any of that from Superman Returns. Which is...disappointing.

I also caught the first teaser for the new James Bond film, Casino Royale, coming out this November. Again, same complaint as Superman Returns. There's nothing new.

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