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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Early Mornings

I'm still getting used to these days that start at 4AM. I go to bed at 8PM. I get a full 8 hours. But I'm still not used to getting up this early.

I think it has a lot to do with the time...4AM. Forget what you've been told about midnight...I think that 4AM is the true transition from one day to the next. Think about it.

When you look at the clock and it says 3 AM, you think, "Man, I'm up way too late."

When you look at the clock and it says 5 AM, you think, "Man, I'm up way too early."

So, naturally, right between "way too late" and "way too early" has to be the transition between days.

Recently, I've been reminded of a tale of one of my old friends in my Augustana days. Back at AUC, I was a bit of an early bird, and I was always right there when the cafeteria opened at 7:30 for breakfast. One day, I noticed a friend of mine, who was NOT an early bird, there having breakfast. I sat down with him and enquired as to why he was up so early.

"Well," he said. "I've got this big assignment due today that I was up all night working on. I was finally done at around 2AM, but by then, I was so high on caffine I couldn't get to sleep. So, I re-arranged my furniture. When I was done doing that, I noticed that the cafeteria was open for breakfast."

"Then why aren't you in bed?" I asked.

He pointed at the clock. "Cuz that assignment was due for an 8AM class."

This whole world needs more time to sleep.

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