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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mario vs. Sonic?

Well, the big E3 expo is currently going on. This is where all the video game makers unveil their new games.

Of course, Nintendo had to announce that the latest version of their hit Super Smash Bros. is currently in development for the Nintendo Wii. This will be the first Super Smash Bros to feature a character from a non-Nintendo-made game, namely Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

It had to be asked then if characters from other non-Nintendo games would be working their way into the game, to which the Nintendo execs said that the door is open and negotiations are underway.

To which, someone just had to ask, "Will Sonic the Hedgehog be a character?"

To which the Nintendo execs just coyly smiled and said, "The door is open and negotiations are underway."

Wow. A fighting game where Mario and Sonic can fight to the death? Talk about a true geek-out moment for those of us who grew up with video games in the great Nintendo vs. Sega era.

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