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Monday, May 22, 2006

Wacky Misadventure

Well, I had a day full of wacky misadventure.

I said I'm going to buy myself a new TV as a housewarming present, right? I kind of had next weekend slated to do that. See X-Men 3, get a new TV...a full day. But then, I had this holiday Monday off, I was just sitting around looking at the walls, and I thought, "Hey! Why not buy the TV today?"

And I was off to Edmonton!

I arrived at the Best Buy on the north side. There it was...the exact model I wanted, right in my budget, but I had a problem.

Turns out it's too big to fit in my car.

So I called my folks. Looks it will be next weekend. I'll hook up with my parents in the city, buy the TV, and then they'll haul it up here in the truck.

But on the plus side, I now know which movie theatre I'll be going to the most. You stay on highway 2, and you hit St. Albert. In St. Albert, Highway 2 becomes St. Albert Trail. Drive through St. Albert, and as soon as you hit Edmonton City Limits, there's the North Edmonton Commons Cineplex Odeon!

So I'm exactly 1.5h away from North Edmonton Commons.

And I didn't come home empty handed. I did pick up the FM transmitter for my MP3 player, so now I can listen to it in my car!

Now all I need are my CDs so I can stuff full of my tunes.

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