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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Guess Who's Coming to Smallville?

So, which teenaged superheroes have met up with the young Clark Kent so far on Smallville?

- The Flash
- Aquaman
- Cyborg

Who's next?

Green Arrow!

That's right, the young Oliver Queen comes to Smallville. Unlike those other heroes, who were just 1-episode dealies, Queen will actually be featured in a 7-episode story arc. Apparently, Queen is starting to think about forming an organization of superpowered beings, and he starts snooping around Smallville because of all the superpowered anomolies that town has produced.

Oliver Queen will be played by Justin Hartley, who played Arther Curry/Aquaman on the unsold Aquaman pilot.

And in other news, there's another character from the Superman mythos who'll be popping up on Smallville next season. Jimmy Olson will also be swinging by. Last season, Chloe Sullivan implied that she lost her virginity to Jimmy Olson, so...yeah. Watch for that.

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