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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The End of Corner Gas

Wow. It's a sad day for Canadian pop culture.

AFter only 4 seasons and 65 episodes, the end has come to Corner Gas. That's right. CTV announced today that next week's season finale is, in fact, the series finale. The only reason as to why they're shutting down the show after such a short time is that they want to go out while it's still on top. (That, and I can't help but notice that they've made the minimum 65 episodes so they can sell it into worldwide syndication.)

The final episode, airing on Monday night, is called Gopher It. The official plot description has Hank's idea to increase town tourism backfire, and the town becoming overrun with gophers. This, apparently, drives Lacey to sell the Ruby and move back to Toronto.

Special guest star Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who comes to Dog River to blame the gopher problem on the Liberals. (I am NOT making that up.)

The final scene of the final episode has already been leaked to YouTube. I won't link to it, but seek it out if you dare.

wow. I can honestly say that all of Canadian pop culture is stunned by this decision.

I guess it's time to take a second look at Little Mosque on the Prairie.

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