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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

There's a Moose on the Loose by the Caboose

Sorry, that heading has nothing to do with this blog entry. I just haven't had anyone call back from Fish and Wildlife, so I probably won't be able to run a story on the moose wandering around Athabasca yesterday, and I won't get to say that on the air.

No, I want to talk about this. Can someone please explain this to me?

With just two months to go, Disney is finally starting up the promotion machine for Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End. It's the third and maybe final saga in the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow and adventure on the high seas.

Now, could someone please explain to me why the hell it's so popular?

When the first one hit theatres, I shrugged and walked away. It didn't strike me as anything special. When I finally rented it on DVD, I wrote it off as "good, but not great."

I went to see the second one this past summer, if only because everyone else was. And, I thought it just wasn't very good. I had no idea what the point or plot was.

But yet, the world has embraced Pirates of the Carribean to be the greatest movie trilogy since The Trilogy.

And I just don't get it. I fail to see its popularity.

Had this dispute with one of my co-workers the other day. It's a dispute that almost wound up on the air. He said that Pirates of the Carribean rocks because of two factors.

1) Johnny Depp is an acting god.
2) Producer Jerry Bruckheimer doesn't make bad movies.

I countered by saying that Depp has done stuff infinitly better than Pirates, and that Bruckheimer gave us pretty much all of Michael Bay's films.

Have I mentioned that this co-worker has an intense hatred of Michael Bay?

Co-worker just shrugged and said, "See? Bay is so bad, he even screws up Bruckheimer films."

That's pretty much where it ended.

But I still don't understand why the heck Pirates is popular.

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