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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I ♥ Politics

This is a story that's currently taking Alberta by storm. I have nothing to contribute, but I have to share.

It's the story of Dave Cournoyer. Dave runs a blog called Daveberta, in which he offers his thoughts on the Conservative government here in Alberta. Now, Cournoyer used to work for the Alberta Liberal party, so his blog has a very strong pro-Liberal/anti-Conservative stance.

Back in April of 2007, Cournoyer registered the domain name "edstelmach.ca," and pointed it towards his blog. As we all know, Ed Stelmach is the current premier of Alberta.

Back before Christmas, Cournoyer got a letter from Stelmach's lawyers. Stelmach was demanding that he get his domain back, plus the funds from the Google ads that Cournoyer has on his blog.

Cournoyer is currently seeking legal advice of his own. But, for the time being, edstelmach.ca points to the Wikipedia entry for Harry Strom. For those who don't bother clicking and reading, Strom was the final Social Credit premier of Alberta...the man who wound up destroying the SoCred's massive majority and losing to the Progressive Conservatives. Cournoyer isn't the only one who's made the comparison.

I just find this all funny...as I'm sure most of Alberta does.

Edmonton Journal columnist Graham Thompson has a column about it in today's Journal, which is better written and sums things up better than I ever could.

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