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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zack and Miri on DVD! (and more Andy Richter!)

OK, good news for me! Still being a Kevin Smith fanboy, I am very thrilled to hear about the forthcoming DVD release of Zack and Miri Make a Porno!

Zack and Miri will be hitting store shelves on February 3, and be available in a 2-disc special edition. Bonus features include deleted scenes, a feature-length documentary on the making of the film, the Money Shots video production diary, and a blooper reel.

Sadly, this is the first Kevin Smith film that does not have a running commentary by Smith. Smith has been hinting that he may record one later and release it as a podcast. Or, if you make the great upgrade to Blu-Ray, you'll be able to download it on your Blu-Ray player and sync it up!

And we have more details on yesterday's announcement on the release of Andy Richter Controls the Universe: The Complete Series. I said the bonus features were TBA, and today they announced them!

For bonus features, you're going to get a handful of featurettes, and running commentaries on select episodes with series creator Victor Fresco, and the man himself, Andy Richter.

March 24!

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