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Monday, May 25, 2009

My favourite fast food restaurant in the world!

So, in this week's podcast, I wax poetic on my favourite fast food restaurant in the whole wide world, the KFC in Stony Plain. Later in the day, I get an e-mail from my best friend going, "Dude! You should put some pictures in your blog."

Well, he's right. And it just so happens I have some pictures from when I stopped in there about a year and a half ago.

So here's the KFC in Stony Plain:

For those who haven't heard my podcast yet, here's why the KFC in Stony Plain is the greatest fast food restaurant in the world.

The decor - I've been to a lot of fast food restaurants in my time. Some -- pretty much every one on the west end of Edmonton -- I've been going to since I was four years old. And out of the ones that I've been regularly going to since I was 4 years old, they tend to change with the times...grow and evolve.

Not the KFC in Stony Plain. The KFC in Stony Plain is still firmly rooted in 1983. Hard plastic seats? Check. Eye-hurting, contrasting color scheme? Check. Faux wood grains and plastic flowers? Check and check. Everything that was designed to keep people coming and going at a quick pace is still there and still functioning. You might remember that a lot of fast food places started ditching decor like that in the mid-1990s because they were losing money to Starbucks and thus wanted to start copying Starbucks' "kick your shoes off, set a spell" mentality.

Reason #2 why I like it. It has a sprawling front lawn. Seriously, how many fast food places do you know with a sprawling front lawn? Surround by a charming little hedge, to boot? It hasn't been filled with a playground or nothing like that. Just...a sprawling front lawn. Set back nice and far from the main street.

You know, if I owned that KFC, I'd probably drop a 10-foot tall statue of Colonel Sanders in the middle of that sprawling front lawn, but that's just me.

Another reason why I used to like it, which sadly no longer applies, is it's remote location. It used to be on the very edge of town, all on its own.

But when I took these pictures a year and a half ago, you could see that they were starting to build right next to it.

That development next door is now open and fully functional. It's a strip mall and a Tim Hortons.

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