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Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Musical Lament.

I love the spate of superhero movies out there, but my one big lament is that no one is writing epic superhero themes anymore. The two that defined this a genre of film score are, of course, John Williams' Superman....

...and Danny Elman's Batman.

Compare that to 13 years later, and Danny Elfman's Spider-Man

It just really doesn't have the same big, epic, feel, does it?

Or how about the new Batman theme for The Dark Knight. Despite being a highly touted collaberation between Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, it still just sounds like the same ol' action movie theme that Zimmer's been pumping out for the past 15 years.

The one that comes closest to capturing the classic Williams Superman or Elfman Batman feel, I think, is John Ottman's Fantastic Four.

The FF film franchise has lots of flaws, but I think Ottman nailed it, music-wise.

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