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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fishing in the Discount Bin - Ghostbusters

Time once again for Fishing in the Discount Bin!  So, I was doing this thing at my podcast where I'd rant about one of the many movies in my DVD collection.  Life got in the way, and I started finding the feature too labour-intensive, so I gave it up.  But, I wrote so many reviews before I produced them into my podcast that I didn't want them to go to waste.

So I'm posting them to my blog!

Today, we get to a movie so awesome it leaves me speechless...Ghostbusters.  This entry is originally dated October 30, 2010.

I know I've already done a Halloween movie for the podcast this week (it goes online tomorrow, by the way), but still, Halloween is here, and I'm still in the mood for some Halloween-type movies.  So, what better than the first DVD I bought...Ghostbusters.

What a true classic of the 1980s!  What a true classic of my childhood!  I even went as a Ghostbuster one year for Halloween.  All throughout my childhood, this movie was a staple of friend's birthday parties and sleepovers.  Whenever a bunch of 9-year olds got together in Entwistle back in the 1980s, Ghostbusters would eventually be tossed into the VCR. 

Now that I'm a grown-up and watching it, I'm surprised my parents let me watch it as much as they did.  There is so much sexual innuendo in that film!  I remember running around quoting lines from it, not quite exactly sure what those lines were.  "It's true.  This man has no dick."  Hilarious when I was 9...but now I realize how dirty it actually is.

There are still lots of quotable lines for a 9 year old, though.  "Hey, where do these stairs go?"  "They go up."  "Let me know when we reach 20.  I'll want to throw up."   

Again, stories about the making of this film have been written to death.  Peter Venkman was originally created for Dan Aykroyd's good friend John Belushi, but Belushi's untimely death led for it to be rewritten for Bill Murray.  Louis Tulley was originally written for John Candy, but Candy backed out because he just didn't get it.  Apparently, Candy wanted Tulley to be German with a couple of big pet Rotweillers.  However, Candy did recommended his old SCTV co-star Rick Morranis for the role, and the rest is history.  Eddie Murphy was considered for Winston Zeddermore, but they already had so many comedians in the cast, they figured the role would best be filled with an everyman type, to speak for the audience.  So they got Ernie Hudson. 

Not too sure what more I can say.  Ghostbusters is just part of the general background noise of my childhood.  And still funny after all these years. 

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