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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Osaka Cowboy

Time to dig through my hard drive and find another one of my old radio experiments to upload and share.

This is another thing I produced many years ago.  I was fresh out of NAIT, just messing around with my home set-up, trying new things, and maybe whipping up some neat stuff to spruce up my demo.

One thing they always warned me about production is that a producer's bread and butter is the "single voice over music."  This is about 99% of the commercials you hear on the radio.  Just one person speaking, with some music in the background.  As crazy as it sounds, I find producing such things to be utterly fascinating.  I mean, it sounds simple, right?  They also warned us in school that it's producing so many of those that drive young producers to seek other careers...they just get so bored making so many.  But, how could you get bored?  So many different kinds of music...so many ways for the announcer to read the copy.  I wouldn't get bored...I would go mad from having so many choices.

And it's still one of the things I gravitate towards when I just want to try something new.  I read something like an old blog entry, slap some music underneath.  And sometimes, I get very...elaborate.

Like this one, for example, where I tell a tale of my time in Japan.  Despite my efforts to acclimatize to the different culture, there were two times where I felt completely out of place...like a total redneck from Hicksville, Alberta.

This is one of those stories.

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