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Friday, April 06, 2012

Ted Trailer

Well, may as well use this holiday Friday to blog about more of those trailers I was talking about earlier in the week!  Here's the first couple of trailers for Ted.

Seth MacFarlane is the creator of Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show.  And I've got to say, I'm not as big a fan as I once was.  Don't get me wrong, whenever I see Road to Europe come on in reruns, I will sit down and watch it to the end because it's still one of the funniest half-hours ever.  But earlier this year, when they did their big hurricane crossover, and Family Guy's episode was that one where they're all trapped in their house so Meg finally confronts her family about why they pretty much abuse her, and in the subplot, Brian tries shrooms and has a bad trip...yeah.  That was one of the ugliest half-hours I'd ever witnessed.  Stopped watching Family Guy soon after.

That being said, though, I'm still very curious about MacFarlane's debut as a film director, Ted.  In addition to directing, MacFarlane also wrote the script with a couple of Family Guy writers.  I saw MacFarlane on Conan a couple of months ago, and he described the plot thusly: 

"It's about a little boy who makes a wish that his teddy bear would be his best friend forever.  And the teddy bear magically comes to life.  So, naturally, the film takes place 30 years later, when the boy and the bear are all grown up, and spend most of their days just hanging out smoking a lot of weed." 

Mark Whalberg plays the little boy, MacFarlane voices the teddy bear, and Mila Kunis is the girlfriend that threatens to break them up.

As is the case with such comedies these days, there are two trailers.  First up, the green band trailer:


And the "red band" trailer, which you only see in front of R-rated movies and has swears and stuff.

Gotta say, I was finding that pretty funny and laughing through pretty much the whole thing.  Ted hits theaters on July 13.

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