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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Michael Bay's TMNT Script

The Cover of TMNT Adventures #50

So yesterday, I was chatting with a friend of mine about Michael Bay and his upcoming live action movie version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We all know the tale now about how he's changing the Turtles from mutants to aliens and all that, and we started discussing the leaked script that went online about a week or two ago.

And then I told my buddy, "Hey, you should check out the website Latino Review, because they did this video where they broke it down blow-by-blow and did a highly detailed summary!

When I got home, I e-mailed my friend the link, and that's when I started thinking, "Hey, this video is embedable! I should post it on my blog so I can share it with the world!"

So I did.

Give it a watch, and I'll tell you my thoughts afterwards.

And we're back.

I do kind of like the opening action sequence, where the Turtles bust out of a government installation and commandeer a truck, fighting Foot Soldiers along the way.  At the height of the Turtles craze, I was an avid reader of the Archie Comic TMNT Adventures, and that scene and set-up could come straight out of that comic.

But still, changing Shredder to a government agent with Wolverine claws and changing his name to Schrader just seems too much.  Making the Turtles not so much aliens, but the "chosen ones" who will bring peace to Dimension X just seems weird.  And making Casey Jones and April O'Neil into teenagers...no.

I agree with another assesment I read online.  They pretty much graft the plot of the first Transformers onto this.

Turtles = Autobots
Casey Jones = Shia LeBeof
April O'Neil = Megan Fox

For those who stopped following this story, Michael Bay has now said that this isn't his script.  This script was written before he joined the project, and that his script is vastly different.

Whether it's better or worse remains to be seen.

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