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Monday, February 02, 2004

Oh, happy day!

Trouble sent me an article this morning. 4Kids Entertainment, the same folks who imported Pokemon, are going to be importing my all-time favourite anime that I watched every morning in Japan! We are talking about the TV program whose closing theme I have adopted as the closing them for Chaos in a Box. Yes, it's the one, the only, Tokyo Mew Mew!

Of course, some changes are being made to make it more palitable to North American audiences, like re-naming it Hollywood Mew Mew. That seems rather...pointless. Oh, well. It will be premiering on the Fox Network later this year; I'm speculating as part of the Fall Saturday Morning Line-Up. Here's hoping it becomes as popular as Sailor Moon, so I can buy a boxed set of the complete, uncut series someday.

Next Issue...Anglais!

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