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Thursday, February 12, 2004

I was thinking about what I said in my earlier post about Mr. Anderson banging his head against a wall complaining about how I don't get it because I have a Disney page on my website. I mean, he's my best friend, and it's good that he's got strong beliefs and all that, and I really shouldn't make fun of him.

I guess it all goes back to about a year ago. We were having some pretty heated arguments, especially about McDonald's. He'd say, "Any reasonable man who spends 10 minutes reading about McDonald's will never eat there again!" I'd shrug and say, "I spent 20 minutes reading and I still eat there." He'd just get so angry, and something about me just wanted to push it a little bit further. You feel almost a sadistic glee when someone outlines their whole belief system and you just say, "Ehh, whatever. I'll just stay here and keep violating your beliefs."

I really should stop that because, in the end, it just makes me a really crappy friend.

Subject change.

So, I don't know if you've noticed, but Canada Post now sells these things called "Tickelopes." They're evelopes made out of a foam, and in a really silly shape. I spent my day off from school writing a letter to a former student in Japan, and figured I'd get one of these Ticeklopes to mail it off in. After puzzling over the many shapes, I decided that the lobster shaped one had a particular cuteness to it, and that brought back something I'd always wondered.

Do you know if they make lobster sushi? I never saw it at any sushi places, and Japan really isn't in the middle of lobster waters. I'm certain though that a creative chef could make it.

Next Issue...Friends Forever?

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