Just forget the words and sing along

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

So I'm leafing through this anime magazine that my mother occasionally brings home from work for me. I always laugh at their monthly costume contest. Not because the costumes are hideous, but because they refer to the entrants as "cosplayers." Now, when I was in Japan, I only heard that term associated with adult entertainment. For example, strippers who dress like nurses as part of their act. So, either the word has a broader definition that I'm not aware of, or it has a narrower definition that the magazine's editors aren't aware of.

It reminds me of Trouble telling me about her friends. Thery're die hard anime junkies, so, to sound worldly, they use the two or three words they gleam from anime. Once Trouble told me what the words are and how they use them, well, they were using them wrong.

Next Issue...When I Say Hai, I Don't Mean Hello

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