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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Watching Batman Forever on TV. That movie gets stupider and stupider with each viewing.

But let's get to the latest column! This week's installment: The News is Our Hooker, The Truth is Her Pimp:

"I had just one goal when I went in to the program: be a DJ. But now that I’m in there, I find that there a lot of other options I can go with. If being a DJ doesn’t cut it, I can always be a writer; try to make a living doing this. Of course, production could also be fun. Sitting hunched over a computer all day, piecing together bits of audio and trying to make the perfect spot. There’s promotions, which is getting the word of the station out there. And then, I could sell my soul and go into sales. These are all things I’ve had varying degrees of experience with. So, you can imagine my surprise as I’ve now been told that my personality is best suited for the most complex and, I think most trying part of the radio station: news. "

As always, Clickie clickie to read it all!

I guess I should spent a little more time studying for my quiz tomorrow, but it's kind of hard to focus when I caught the instructor basing the quiz on a report I wrote.

Next Issue...the Long Sleep

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