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Thursday, February 19, 2004

The morning's movie news:

Batman: Intimidation - After months of rumors, it's finally official. The villain will be played by...LIAM NEESON. Neeson will be playing Batman's immortal arch-enemy Ra's Ahl Guhl. I always pictured Sean Connery, but oh well. Also official is MORGAN FREEMAN as Lucious Fox. Mr. Fox is the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and the guy who really runs the company. This is shaping up to be pretty good, I think.

Elektra - Let's not forget that she's getting her own movie. A director is finally in negotiations. It looks it will be directed by...ROB BOWMAN. Bowman is a veteran director of "The X-Files," and even directed the "X-Files" movie. His last feature was the humans vs. dragons epic "Reign of Fire." The script was written by Zak Penn, and is loosely based on the "The Elektra Saga" and "Elektra: Assasin" graphic novels. Filming is hoped to begin in May.

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