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Saturday, February 14, 2004

You know, as much as I love Michael Moore, I find the anti-Moore websites to be a lot more fun. Truly, one of the best and most obsessive has to be Moore Watch. Here's what Moore Watch is currently doing.

See, Michael Moore was endorsing a presidential hopeful by the name of Wesley Clark. Moore had a little square on his website saying this and provided a link to the Clark website. Well, Wesley Clark lost a few of the primaries and decided to bow out. Naturally, since his boy wasn't running any more, Moore took down his little endorsement and link to Clark's website.

And Moore Watch is all over this! They love pointing out now how Moore is "backpedalling" and trying to conceal the fact that he was/is backing Wesley Clark. I don't think Moore is trying to cover up anything. I think Moore just realizes the futility in endorsing a man who isn't running anymore.

I tell you, 10% of the time, Moore Watch is good for providing the other side of the story. The other 90%, they're the raving loonies that they claim Michael Moore is.

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