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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Boy, did I have a fun and relaxing day off in the city! I finally got out to see Big Fish. Who'd have thunk that Tim Burton could make a sweet movie? It's really two movies going on. We have our modern day tale, which is the son trying to discover the truth behind his father's myths and thus learn the truth about his father. And then, we have the myths themselves. And when we're watching one of the myths, it's classic Tim Burton. Great movie! 3 nibs.

And then, I had to go spend way too much money. Future Shop finally had The Critic: The Complete Series, so I finally bought that. I loved this show way back when it was on!

Hey, have you ever wondered why every crappy TV show that only lasts 6 episodes or so manages to get released on DVD right away? This was explained by a big Hollywood producer in the paper a few weeks ago. You've got your TV show. Say, only 4 million people watch it. That makes your TV show a bomb, so it gets cancelled. Now, release it on DVD, and half the people who watched it on TV buy it on DVD. That's 2 million units! So suddenly, your mega-bomb TV show has become a double-platinum DVD. It's all rather fiendish.

And then, while browsing through HMV, I finally succumbed to my baser desires. Ever since I bought my DVD player, I said that I'd eventually buy some James Bond movies on DVD. I'd limit myself to only my favourite ones of each Bond actor! Well, HMV had the Bond movies on sale, 2 for $30, so I finally bought Goldfinger and The Spy Who Loved Me. Each one truly a classic.

And that reminds me. Exactly how many versions of a film do we need on DVD? I'm talking about things like "director's cuts." Why do they have to go messing with these classic films when they put them on DVD? What's wrong with the original theatrical version? I know, we need some kind of "value added" for the DVD. But, c'mon! My "T2" and "ID4" DVDs allow you to watch either the original theatrical versions or the DVD director's cuts at the push of a button. The technology does exist for us to have our cake and eat it too. So, c'mon!

That reminds me. I still have the morbid curiosity to see the special edition of E.T..

And in all of my excessive spending, I of course bought the latest ToyFare. They have the preview of the next series of Marvel Legends! This is the new smash-hit toy line where we get highly-detailed, super-posable renditions of classic Marvel Comics characters. Here's who's on tap for Series 6:

Wolverine (Brown Costume)
The Punisher (Thomas Jane likeness; Jane, of course, plays the Punisher in the upcoming film)

And now I think I'll go to bed

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