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Friday, February 06, 2004

I've got to write this down before I forget (or forget to mention it on the show next week.)

Disney has finally announced that the 2-disc super-special edition of Aladdin is coming out this October. A complete list of bonus features has yet to be announced, but Disney has already mentioned that, thanks to the higher picture quality of DVDs, 20% of the film has been "enhanced." That means using computer to punch up the colours in some scenes, and completely re-animating sequences in other cases.

And, as I talk about this on next week's show, I should also bitch about how Disney changed their DVD policy. Way back when DVD first started, Disney had this simple yet brilliant strategy. They would release 2 editions of all their animated films. There would be the "family friendly" edition. This edition would have the film, and for bonus features you'd get similarily-themed animated shorts from the Disney archives, and maybe a game or two. Then, for the hardcore animation geeks (like myself) they'd release the 2-disc special edition. That edition would have all of your "behind the scenes" featurettes, storyboards, directors running commentary, and such forth.

But, things have changed. Now, Disney only release one edition, and we're finding more and more that the "special edition" stuff is being pushed out in favour of more "family friendly" stuff. I mean, who really wants to look at storyboards when you could play another lame-ass trivia game?

So, remind me to talk about this all on next week's show!

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