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Monday, February 23, 2004

Today's new addiction: computer mini-golf. I fished it out of a discount bin, and I've been glued to it all night.

I'm still lamenting over my promotions project. The people in my group.... Actually, the one thing that really gets me is it seems they've decided to run with my idea of a LAN party.

For those who don't know, a LAN party is when a bunch of computer geeks get together on a computer network and blast at each other in Quake, After Life, or whatever the lastest 3-D shooter is.

I only threw it out there because we were brainstorming and the instructor wanted us to think of "stuff that hasn't been done before."

The only thing is, because I suggested it, everyone in my group looks to me like I'm the expert in the field. Hardly. Stuff like LAN parties exist in a world of which I'm on the outer fringes of. I have no idea.

I'm almost embarrassed that my group's gone along with it this far. Every time we talk about some part of the planning, the ladies in the group just kind of roll their eyes. It's like they're only doing it to satisfy me.

Truth be told, I'd much rather get the theatre and have a screening of "UHF."

But it is strange, the way they look to me to explain it. When I hung out with all the computer science majors at Augustana, I was a mere mortal among gods. Now, my fellow mortals look at me as though I were a god.

(Hey, just trying to find a new way to phrase "big fish, little pond.)

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