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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hey! I've been so busy ooo-ing and ahh-ing over my train picture, I forgot to share the big geek news in my life:

Pokemon 8 just came out in Japan!

It's called Mew and the Waveguiding Hero - Rukario! I'm still not quite too sure on the plot. From the screen grabs I've found online, it looks like this time we're taking place in a country based on Austria. And everyone dresses the part. Gotta say, Ash's Robin Hood/highwayman costume actually looks kind of cool. As for the legendary pokemon that figure into the plot, we've got Mew making his return, this new guy Rukario, and the Regi: Regirock, Registeel, and Regice. Look for the straight-to-DVD North American release to happen in December.

Actually, all this talk of Pokemon got me thinking. One thing I still really wish they'd do is release action figures of the human characters in Pokemon. You know, tap into this "super-posable" technology and make something really specatacular. There was an attempt at it about 5 years ago, but no company ever really took the concept and ran with it. Here, then, is my wishlist of Pokemon action figures they should release:

- Ash. Naturally! Ash would come with a removable backpack, a few pokeballs, his pokedex, and, of course, Pikachu. There'd be two variants: one in his seasons 1-5 outfit, and one in his season 6+ outfit.

- Misty. The first companion would also have a removable backpack, some spare pokeballs, and Togepi. Again, there's two variants: one in her original outfit, and one in her Pokemon Chronicles/Cerulean City gym leader outfit.

- May. Misty's successor for seasons 6+ would have a removable fanny pack (she doesn't have a backpack), her pokedex, some pokeballs, and Torchic.

- Brock. Again, the backpack, pokeballs, and all his cooking utensils. Version 1 would be season 1, 3-5 outfit, and that would come with Crobat. Version 2 would be his season 6+ outfit, and that one comes with Mudkip.

- Tracy. Brock's replacement for season 2 would come with the requisite backpack and pokeballs, plus his sketchpad and pencils. His companion pokemon would be Merril.

- Max. May's little brother would come with his backpack and the pokenav. He can come with Jirachi. Yeah, yeah, he's too young for his pokemon license, but he and Jirachi really bonded in the sixth movie.

- Jessie. Team Rocket member #1 comes with some pokeballs and a shovel, so she can create the pattented "Team Rocket pitfall" trap. She comes with Wobbafett.

- James. Also gets the pokeballs, and a sack for making off with stolen pokemon. He gets Meowth.

And, of course, others could include Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Brandon, and various gym leaders.

Oh, and I forgot to share the biggest movie news of today.

They're making a new Smurfs movie!!

Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Films have just picked up the movie rights for The Smurfs. Herb Ratner is working on the screenplay. It's going to be computer animated. They want the first one to be out in 2008 - in time for the little critters' 50th anniversary. Yes, I said "first one." In this day and age of animated film franchises, Paramount is hoping to give us a full Smurfs trilogy.

I only have 4 words to say about this: Christopher Walken as Gargamel.

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