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Friday, July 08, 2005

Hey! I've been so pre-ocupied, that I haven't weighed in on what's going on with one of my favourite obsessions: the Olympics!

So, the 2012 games will be held in London, England. I think that's a cool choice. Yeah, I know that Paris was the front-runner and I was rooting for New York, but I think London will pull it off greatly.

The other big news was that baseball and softball have been booted off the Olympic program. They will not be Olympic sports come 2012. Baseball was booted off because, despite being open to major league players, major league players don't show up. And softball lost it because of a lack of worldwide popularity.

So, the five sports being considered to replace those two were golf, karate, squash, rugby and roller sports. Sadly, none of them got the two-thirds majority required to make the Olympic program.

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