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Thursday, July 07, 2005

And thus ends another birthday. Hopefully my mother will forgive me for being a mean ol' uncle who made his niece cry.

Anyway, got to uphold the long-standing tradition of the birthday movie. My original plan was to wait until tomorrow, and then we'd go see Fantastic Four. But, that went out the window because, tomorrow, I'll be halfway to Red Deer taking my neice and nephew home. And, with the younglings around, War of the Worlds was right out. So, my choice was limited to family movies. And, at the moment, there's only one family movie out there that I kinda sorta wanted to see.

Herbie: Fully Loaded

Hey, I was raised on those Love Bug movies and I wanted to see how Disney re-imagined it for the next generation.

Well, they didn't re-imagine it. It was the same old Herbie formula that I grew up with. I'm sure we all know it. Down-on-his-luck race car driver finds Herbie. Driver discovers Herbie is "alive." Driver is smitten with a special someone. That special someone is also interested in the driver's rival. So, Herbie helps his driver beat the rival, save the day, and win over the heart of that someone special.

This was the same thing, but with a gender twist. Now, the driver was played by "tween idol who stars in every Disney remake" Lindsay Lohan.

Absolutly no surprises, but a fun little nostalgia trip. They even included great little touches like slipping in samples of the original Love Bug score in the music. And my neice and nephew thouroughly enjoyed it.

Still trying to determine if my final rating should be 2.5 or 3 nibs.

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