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Friday, July 15, 2005

"It looks like that, after 301 days, the NHL lockout is about to come to a close. This is the greatest news for Canadians since Celine Dion moved to Vegas." - Conan O'Brian

So, my sister is now living at home as well until she goes off to school this fall. She's being a continuous pain in the ass. For example, this conversation:

Her>> So, Mark, when I was in Italy, I met this Australian school teacher who I told all about you and now she wants to come to Canada and meet you.

Me>> Uh...what did you tell her?

Her>> I just told her that you're a radio DJ and a mathematician and a physicist.

Me>> OK, as accurate as that may be, when you phrase it like that, it sounds like you're making it up.

It does, doesn't it? All she had to do was throw in that I work part time as a night club singer and it's a premise for an Elvis movie.

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