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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Batwoman - Why the Big Deal?

So, if you've been living under a rock or just avoiding any entertainment news for the past few days, then you probably don't know that Batwoman is making a comeback.

For those who don't care, Batwoman was a lame, female knock-off of Batman created back in the 1950s. She was never anything more than a girlfriend for Batman. A bored socialite by the name of Kathy Kane. They started phasing her out in the 60s, and she was unceremoniously killed off in 1979.

But, DC Comics has decided to bring her back. She's going to be in this new comic book series called 52. 52 is a weekly series - one issue per week - that chronicles a whole year in which DC's big three - Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman - have disappeared. Naturally, while the criminals think that Gotham City has become easy pickings, they find that a new Batwoman has risen up to fill in for Batman. Batwoman will be officially introduced in 52 next month.

Once again, Batwoman's true identity is sociallite Kathy Kane. Only in this era, she prefers to go by Kate.

Oh, and now she's a lesbian.

BOOM!! That's why this is news. She's gay. Out Magazine has already declared that the new Batwoman will be the highest-profile gay superhero in DC Comics.

but still, I have absolutly no idea why her sexuality makes this a newsworthy story. They resurrect a lame character from the Silver Age, only now, to develop her, they make her a lesbian. Fine. Whatever. There have already been gay superheroes. I don't understand why this one is news.

A person's sexuality - real or comic book character - shouldn't be news.

Here's CNN's story about her.

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