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Monday, June 19, 2006

Trailer Awards/Star Trek Re-Boot

Wow! Did you know they give awards for movie trailers?

I just found this out this morning. They're called the Key Art Awards, and they are, essentially, the Oscars for movie promotional material. They give awards for the best movie poster, best website, best TV commercials...and best trailers.

Since I do love my trailers, this piqued my interest. Here's everything that won for the trailers:

Best Action/Adventure Trailer - Sin City: Trailer 1

Best Comedy Trailer - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Guide (this would be that 3-minute trailer that give the guide's entry on movie trailers)

Best Drama Trailer - Jarhead: Trailer 1

Best Teaser - Sin City: Teaser 1

Something else cool that came online today.

About two years ago, all the trekkies were just atwitter. Some guys who know and understand Star Trek walked into Paramount's offices with their idea for a new Star Trek series. Who were those guys?

J. Michael Strazynski, creator of Babylon 5, and Bryce Zable, creator of the short-lived sci-fi cult classic Dark Skies, and the main creative force for three years of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Naturally, we wanted to know what new Star Trek series these guys had cooked up. Of course, their idea wasn't taken, and it disappeared into history.

Until today.

Zabel posted his and Strazynski's proposal over at his blog.

Click here to go read it.

Or, here's the Cole's Notes.

Essentially, the two wanted to create an "Ultimate Star Trek" universe. And, their series was going to be "Ultimate Original Series." In fact, in their proposal, they even cite Marvel Comic's "Ultimate" line as an example of what they wanted to do.

They give their props to all incarnations of Star Trek, and then add, "Think of that as Universe A. Our series would be in Universe B."

But yeah. Just like Marvel's Ultimates, they wanted to re-imagine it and update everything with today's sci-fi cliches and conventions.

As we all know, the original Enterprise was on a 5-year mission. Based on that, their "Ultimate Original Series" was going to be designed to run for 5 years, and have an over-reaching mythology that would be resolved in those 5 years. What was the mythology?

Well, drawing their inspiration from the Next Generation episode The Chase...the one that said that all of us bipedal humanoid aliens came from one parent race...and that this parent race left a mathematical code on our DNA so we could seek them out when we reach a certain degree of sophistication.

The 5-year mission in this 'Ultimate Original Series' was going to be "seek out the parent race."

The new Prime Directive was going to be "Let nothing stand in your way."

I think there was potential there. But, throw it in the pile of "Cool Star Trek stuff that will never be," along with Harve Bennet's Starfleet Academy movie, Secret of Vulcan Fury, and all of Enterprise.

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