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Friday, April 04, 2008

Nerd News of Friday

Oh, I'm so giddy right now. I opened up my mailbox today, and it finally came!

That's right! It's Brent Spiner's album! As you can see, I even paid the extra $5 to get an autographed copy. I'm listening to it right now as I write this. It's kind of weird. It's a concept album kind of thing...like a musical radio play. And that's not all. Do you know who one of the voice actors is in the radio play parts?

Mark Hamill.

That's right, we've got Data talking to Luke Skywalker on this thing! It doesn't get more nerd-tacular than that!

Well, maybe it does. Once I finished geeking out over Brent Spiner's autograph, I went to toss out the envelope. And my eye caught something on the envelope.

That's Brent Spiner's signature on the customs form.

The dude stuffed this in an envelope and dropped it in a mailbox himself!

That is just incredibly cool. The album is called Dreamland. You can't pick it up at HMV, because Spiner is releasing this independently. The best place to get it is to Brent Spiner's official website and buy it straight from the man himself.

And pay the extra $5 to get an autographed copy.

Here's a DVD announcement that came the other day that made giddy with glee.

Warner Brothers has finally announced the release of Freakazoid!: The Complete First Season. I'm thrilled this is finally coming out! Freakazoid! was one of the funniest cartoons in the mid-1990s. Long premise short: the creators of Batman: The Animated Series teamed up with the creators of Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain to give us a superhero spoof.

Plus it has one of the best theme songs ever.

June 24 is the day this comes out.

One of my favourite action figure magazines used to ponder as to when 80's nostalgia would end. They theorized that 80's nostalgia would end when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made its comeback. But I think that 80's nostalgia hit its pinacle today with the announcement.

News Kids on the Block are re-uniting!

That's right, the boy band that established the formula has hit middle age, and wants to prove that they've still got it. They're going to be releasing a new album, a reunion tour, the whole deal!

I will admit, back in the day, I was one of those who chanted "New Kids suck," if only to be part of the crowd. I never dared admit that Step by Step was one of my guilty pleasures.

Keep your browsers pointed to they're newly-relaunched official website for all your New Kids updates.

Or maybe 80's nostalgia is peaking with the announcement that one of my favourite movies as a kid is getting re-made.

The Weinstein Company announced today that they just picked up the re-make rights to, and fully intend to do a remake of, Short Circuit.

Who could ever forget Number 5, the high-tech military robot, struck by lightening and brought to life? Who could forget Steve Guttenberg as its creator, questing to prove it's life? Who could forget its sequel, filmed on the cheap in Toronto?

It was also announced that the Weinstein Company has hired the writers of the 1986 original and the producer of the 1986 original to work on this remake. They assure us that it's going to be 100% faithful to the original...just updated to include the past 22 years of computer advancements.

Life...is pretty good.

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