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Monday, May 19, 2008

Obscure Film Music Ho!

As a bit of an update on this week's podcast, my copy of the Speed Racer score has been special ordered out of the States. But I didn't swing by Amazon.com. Instead, I learned that the score was put out by the record label Varese Sarabande...a label that specializes in film scores. So I decided to buy it direct from the record label.

It's actually really cool if you like film scores. Before I hit "check-out" and ordered my copy, I did a little more browsing and found another obscure film score that I wouldn't mind having...Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Acutally, I got a little miffed after I clicked the button and made my order official. They've got a lot of other obscure film scores I wouldn't mind getting.

"Crocodile" Dundee - The opening credit music for "Crocodile" Dundee has always stuck out in my mind. With a driving bass and a digeridoo, it's classic "venturing into the wilderness" music.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie - Want to get it mainly for the "Holy moly, they actually released this?" aspect.

Fantastic Four - Around five years ago, when every Marvel character started getting their own film, I started collecting the scores for most of them, mainly because there's nothing like a great superhero theme. But, sadly, most of them don't have great superhero themes, so I gave it up. (John Williams' Superman theme and Danny Elfman's Batman theme are still the gold standard.) However, I do like John Ottman's Fantastic Four theme, as it's got a great "charging to the rescue" vibe to it.

So, yeah. I might be blowing my next paycheque. Might give it a few more paycheques before doing so, though.

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