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Monday, November 10, 2008

Joe Jonston doing Captain America

Well, Marvel Studios is just trucking along with adapting their comic book characters for the big screen.

Today, Marvel announced that they've signed Joe Johnston to direct the movie version of Captain America. Some of Johnston's previous films include October Sky, Jumanji, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Johnston was Spielberg's first and only choice to do Jurassic Park III. Johnston's next film will be a re-make of the classic 1940's horror film, The Wolf Man.

We don't have a writer yet, but Marvel has made it clear they want it set in World War II, with Captain America fighting the Nazis and his arch-enemy, the Red Skull. And Johnston truly is the right guy for the job in my mind, as Johston also did that other "superhero in World War II" film, The Rocketeer.

So, to re-cap, here's everything that Marvel has on the go:

May 2010: Iron Man 2. Jon Favreau is coming back to direct.

July 2010: Thor. No director yet, but rumor has it Kenneth Branagh is close to signing.

May 2011: The First Avenger: Captain America. See above for all the deets. Here's hoping they change that title.

July 2011: The Avengers. No director signed as of yet.

And let's not forget.... That's everything that Marvel is doing in-house. They've still got a lot of their characters sold to other movie studios right now. 20th Century Fox has the big Wolverine solo film coming out in May, plus Fox is also planning a re-boot of Daredevil. And, Sony also wants to give us a fourth Spider-Man film.

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