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Friday, July 03, 2009

More Dumb Movies on the Way

*sigh* You know, some people in Hollywood are taking the concept of snatching up an established property and adapting it for the big screen just a little too far.

Remember the old Atari game Asteroids? Here's a clip from the game:

Yeah, they're turning that into a movie. Universal Studios just picked up the movie rights. Lorenzo diBonaventure, the producer who supervised the big screen adaptations of Transformers and G.I. Joe, is doing the same thing for Asteroids. Matthew Lopez, who wrote Disney's recent re-make of Race to Witch Mountain, is writing a script. No word yet on when it's hitting theatres.

But that's not all! Speaking of classic toys coming to the big screen, it was also announced that they'll be making a big movie version of...View-Master.

That's right...View-Master.

Brad Caleb Kane, who writs for the TV show Fringe, is writing the script. Roberto Orci and Alec Kurtzman, the big-name writers who wrote Star Trek and the two Transformers are producing.

If it's not in 3D, I'll be very disappointed.

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