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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Canadian Monopoly: The Vote is On!

I've been following this for a bit, and it's kind of fun, so do your part and vote!

So, those darn Parker Brothers are working on an all-new Canadian version of Monopoly. And, in order to determine which cities make the cut, they're running an online poll.

Here's where you go to vote

This whole thing just caused minor headlines in Edmonton because Edmonton has yet to break the top 20. Only the top 20 are going to make it to the game board, you see. When last I checked, Edmonton is hovering just outside at number 23.

I say we've got to do our part to get Edmonton on the list. So go vote for Edmonton!

This could be fun. And hopefully, by doing it democratically like this, there'll be a lot less grief. Last time Parker Brothers did this around three or four years ago, the cities were determined by their marketing folks, and there were absolutely no Newfoundland cities on the board, raising the ire of Newfoundlanders.

It's been ages since I've played a good game of Monopoly. Back when I was a kid, my brother and sister and I would have marathon games of Monopoly...the kind that start at 2 in the afternoon and end at 2 in the morning. And usually, they'd end because we got Mom out of our bed with our fighting and she'd come bring an end to the game. Good times...good times.

I just learned that, in official Monopoly tournament rules, games have a time limit of 90 minutes. Have to remember that for next time.

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