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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Move News Bits

A few bits of movie news have come my way that I have to pass along.

First up, it's official! JJ Abrams is going to get to do his sequel to Star Trek. Star Trek 2, or, as they're calling it right now, Untitled Star Trek Sequel, has just been given a release date of June 29, 2012.

There's still no word on what will happen in the sequel. When asked about it in interviews, Abrams says that he and his writers are still at the stage where they're just bouncing ideas of each other.

When the film first hit back in May, rampant fan speculation was calling for Jack Black as Harry Mudd. Ramapnt fan speculation right now is that we're going to get a return of Khan.

We'll know for certain come 2012.

Meanwhile, over at Warner Brothers, work is slowly starting to take shape on a movie version of that classic DC Comics character, Green Lantern.

It was announced a few days ago that Gossip Girl star Blake Lively will be playing Carol Ferris. In the comics, Ferris is a high-ranking official (and eventual president) of Ferris Aircraft, the aircraft company that employs Hal Jordan, the most famous Green Lantern of them all. And yes, she becomes Green Lantern's girlfriend.

Ferris also eventually becomes the villainess Star Sapphire, however Warner Brothers was quick to point out that Star Sapphire is NOT the villain in Green Lantern, but maybe in a sequel.

Lively joins the already-announced Ryan Reynolds, who'll be playing Hal Jordan. Martin Campbell, who gave us GoldenEye, Casino Royale and The Mask of Zorro, is directing. They start filming in March for a Summer 2011 release.

And, it was just announced that Spider-Man 4 is officially dead. Sony (the studio) and Sam Raimi (the director, who also did the first 3) just couldn't agree on a direction for the next film in the franchise. Rumor has it Raimi really wanted to have the Vulture as the villain, and the studio wanted "whoever's big in the comics right now."

So, Raimi, and Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, have been removed from the project. However, they still want another Spider-Man film in theatres for 2012, so...reboot! New director, a new Peter Parker, all still TBA.

But summer 2012 is still the release date.

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