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Friday, April 23, 2010

Return to Monstropolis

After months, nay, years, of speculation, Pixar finally made the official announcement yesterday.

Monsters Inc. 2 is a go!

No word yet on what the plot is, or if any of the original creative team will be back. At the very least, I hope Pete Docter is back on board as director. Docter, of course, last directed Up, which won the Best Animated Film Oscar last year.

But we do know a release date: November 2012.

Fun Fact about Monsters Inc #1: Bill Murray was the original choice to voice Sully. As is the stuff of urban legend in Hollywood, Murray doesn't have an agent. Instead, he has a special phone with an answering maching hooked up to it that people call to leave their movie offers on. The directors of Monsters Inc met with Murray, Murray seemed interested, and then the directors called that number to officially offer Murray the role. When Murray never returned their calls, the directors took that as a "no."

Fun Fact about Monsters Inc #2: Billy Crystal was the original choice to voice...Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. Crystal turned it down, and has since gone on record many times as calling it the biggest mistake of his career. So, when the directors of Monsters Inc called up Crystal to offer him the role of Mike, Crystal dropped everything and said, "Yes."

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