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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Selick Returns

Now, here's a neat bit of movie news that came across my desk today.

Henry Selick is returning to Disney!

Selick, of course, is the stop-motion animation guru who gave us the modern-day classics The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. I say he returns to Disney because, dude, Disney made Nightmare and James and the Giant Peach before cutting Selick loose. After Disney cut Selick loose, he was kind of freelance for a while before he found a home at LAIKA, which made Coraline. And then, for reasons I never really figured out, Selick and LAIKA parted company back in the fall. And Disney got him back. Hooray!

Here's the kicker though...Selick's films are going to be made under the Pixar label!

Pixar's getting into stop-motion animation...awesome.

Here's hoping the first thing that they put Selick to work on is Tim Burton's stop-motion animated remake of Frankenweenie. It'll be nice to see a Burton/Selick collaboration again.

Oh, and speaking of Pixar, I've had this kicking around for a while now and wanted to share. Pixar has been unveiling all these character posters for the new characters in Toy Story 3, and I love this guy who goes by the name of Twitch.

He is very obviously inspired by the designs of the old Masters of the Universe figures. Back in my childhood, I would have definitely wanted this guy alongside Mekaneck and Man-E-Faces.

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