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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sequels, Remakes, and How to Promote Them

So Pixar is about to unleash this bit of promotion for Toy Story 3 that I'm not sure I agree with.

Coming to colleges next month is Toy Story 3: The Cliffhanger Edition. Pixar is launching a college tour where they'll be going to theatres on campuses all across the USA and screening the first 65 minutes of the film...the first 2/3rds, to be specific. And then, when the third act of the film is about to start, they flash, "To Be Continued," and to see how the movie ends, you've got to buy your ticket and see the whole thing when it comes out in June.

Again, I'm not sure I agree with this, mainly because you're spoiling far too much of the film.

Oh, well. It's open only to college students, so it's not like I can go anyway.

You know, with all the pointless remakes that Hollywood is churning out, I knew it was just a matter of time before this one was announced.

Legendary Pictures, the production company that's part of the Warner Brothers empire, announced today that they just signed a deal with the legendary Japanese movie studio Toho Studios to produce an all-new, American remake of Godzilla.

Because, you know, the last time there was an American remake of Godzilla, it turned out so well.

Yeah, it wasn't a very good film, but I still think that was one of the best movie trailers EVER.

No word yet on any creative talent involved with the film...just that Legendary Pictures wants it in theatres for Summer 2012.

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